The University was created in 2005, established by Law no. 11.145/2005, and founded in the same year. Operations began the next year, with the first class of students starting in September, 2006 in the city of Santo André.
Those first students could only apply for the Bachelor in Science and Technology program, one of the first interdisciplinary programs established in Brazil. Classes were held not on campus, which was inaugurated in 2008, but in a building in Avenida Atlantica. Bloco B was the first building to go into operation in Santo André.
In 2010, students were able to apply for the Bachelor in Science and Technology in the city of São Bernardo for the first time; classes were held at a school downtown.
The Bachelor in Sciences and Humanities was made available as an entry program to students when the campus in São Bernardo was inaugurated, in 2012.
Both campuses went through several expansions, which are still underway.