The faculty at UFABC is not organized in departments. This innovative arrangement allows a permanent dialogue between professors and students working in an interdisciplinary way. The faculty at UFABC is grouped into three centers, with academic and administrative autonomy, all of which work to discover, organize and invent: comprising, in a nutshell, the activities that make up university life.

The mission of CCNH is to offer quality education in the areas of their knowledge as well as encourage and promote scientific research, aiming to become a reference within the research institutions of the country and the world, while encouraging and promoting the dissemination of knowledge and the scientific spirit in the sphere of Natural and Human Sciences. It is responsible for the Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Philosophy and Physics Bachelor programs, as well as the Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Philosophy and Physics Teaching programs.


CECS is the academic unit of UFABC responsible for the activities of Teaching, Research and Continuing Education areas of Engineering, Modeling and Applied Social Sciences. The undergraduate programs offered by CECS have a thematic and innovative focus for the country. Engineering programs are offered in the following areas: Aerospace, Environmental and Urban, Biomedical, Energy, Management, Information, Instrumentation, Automation and Robotics and Materials. In the area of Social Sciences, Bachelor degrees are offered in Economics, Public Policy, International Relations and Spatial Planning. Details


The mission of CMCC is to achieve excellence in teaching, research and extension, organizing and promoting the inclusion of mathematics, computing and cognition in an integrated and sustainable way within the center and with other sectors of UFABC. It is responsible for the Computer Science, Mathematics and Neuroscience Bachelor programs, as well as the Mathematics Teaching program. Details