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The mission of the Center for Natural and Human Sciences (CCNH) is to provide high-quality teaching and to encourage and promote scientific research, culture, and outreach activities in these areas. Its goal is to become a reference for the research institutions in Brazil and around the world; to collaborate for technological development in our region and across Brazil in order to promote regional and national technological and economic growth, while encouraging and promoting the dissemination of knowledge and of the scientific spirit in Natural and Human Sciences.


Dean: Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Luiz Oliveira Rodrigues Cunha
B.S. in Chemistry from the University of São Paulo (2000), Ph.D. in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) from the University of São Paulo (2005), and Postdoctoral in Biochemistry at the Federal University of São Paulo (2005-2008). 
He is a master’s and doctoral thesis supervisor of the Graduate Program in Science and Technology/Chemistry at UFABC. His research interests focus on the investigation of properties and effects of chemical compounds (synthetic or natural) in biological systems: diverse enzyme inhibitors, ligands for affinity chromatography, and enzyme affinity markers based on non-metals aiming to understand their toxic or pharmacological properties. He has experience in Organic Chemistry, especially in Organometallic and Non-Metallic Elements Chemistry (Selenium and Tellurium), Peptide and Peptide-Conjugate Chemistry, and Enzymology (Enzyme Kinetics).
Vice-Dean: Prof. Dr. Márcia Helena Alvim
B.A. in History from the State University of Campinas (1997-2001), M.A. (2001-2003), and Ph.D. (2003-2007) from the Institute of Geosciences at UNICAMP, in the area of History of Sciences.
She is currently a professor of History of Science at the Federal University of ABC in the Center of Natural Sciences and Humanities. She was coordinator of the Lato Sensu postgraduate course in Philosophy and History of Science and Technology at the Federal University of ABC (2009-2011) and vice-coordinator of the Graduate Program in Education and History of Science and Mathematics – EHFCM (2011-2012), accredited faculty of this program since its creation in Dec/2010. She conducts research on the following topics: knowledge about the natural world in the 16th century, the Scientific Revolution of the 16th century, Iberian colonization policies and the mapping of the American natural world, and the relationship between the History of Science and Science Teaching. 


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