Application for undergraduate students:

Undergraduate students interested in academic mobility must print out the Academic Mobility Application Form listed below, fill it out and present it at their university’s international office, where it must be signed and stamped with the university seal, attesting the student’s eligibility for a mobility program. The form must be forwarded to, along with a few other documents listed below.

  • Copy of Passport;
  • Student Transcript of Records from the Home Institution;
  • Application Mobility Form stamped and signed by the Home Institution.

Please, find here our factsheet for 2021.

Deadline to send the documentation to UFABC (by e-mail)

  • For the 1st quarter: up to November 15th;
  • For the 2nd quarter: up to March 12th;
  • For the 3rd quarter: up to June 18th.

Application for graduate students:


1. Student enrolment:

Advisor (Professor to be responsible for the mobility student)

The advisor must send the “Registration Form” together with the applicant’s scanned passport (personal info page) to the Program Coordination 2 (two) months in advance.

Program Coordination: After approval of the mobility period the coordinator authorizes the Office for Graduate Programs (PROPG) to register the applicant as a mobility student.

Office for Graduate Programs

Registers the student in the system and informs the Student Register Number to the International Affairs Office.

International Affairs Office: Contacts the student concerning the information about student badge, facility access, university restaurant and library.

Advisor: Meets the student and presents him/her to the International Affairs Office.

2. End of mobility period

Advisor: Returns the student badge to the International Affairs Office.

International Affairs Office: Informs the Office for Graduate Studies to close the student registration.