Outreach Activities

The development of Outreach and Culture at UFABC aims to promote the construction of educational, cultural, scientific and political processes, transforming the relation between society and University, allowing exchange of systemized academic and popular knowledge. The democratic knowledge production comes from both national and international realities with direct participation of the external community.Culture actions promote, stimulate and allow individual and group-based artistic and cultural expressions, thus contributing to the production of and access to cultural services by the community.

Outreach actions promote a transforming interaction between University and Society by interdisciplinary, educational, cultural, scientific and political processes while maintaining the cohesion with teaching and research actions.

Outreach and Culture actions can be proposed and lead by any community member, either teaching or administrative staff. Those actions can be classified as follows:

  • Programs: Group of integrated projects in teaching, research and institutional policy aiming at reaching a common purpose;
  • Projects: courses and workshops, events, products; educational, social, cultural, scientific or technology actions;
  • Extension and culture actions include internal and external public participation, being open for general public or restricted to a specific group.



Email: proec@ufabc.edu.br
Telephone: 5511 3356-7281
For more information: http://proec.ufabc.edu.br