Center for Engineering, Modeling and Applied Social Sciences

About CECS

CECS is the academic unit of UFABC responsible for the activities of Teaching, Research and Continuing Education areas of Engineering, Modeling and Applied Social Sciences. The undergraduate programs offered by CECS have a thematic and innovative focus for the country. Engineering programs are offered in the following areas: Aerospace, Environmental and Urban, Biomedical, Energy, Management, Information, Instrumentation, Automation and Robotics and Materials. In the area of Social Sciences, Bachelor degrees are offered in Economics, Public Policy, International Relations and Spatial Planning.


Dean: Prof. Dr. Harki Tanaka

Vice Dean: Prof. Dr. Maria Gabriela da Silva Martins Cunha Marinho


Bachelor in Economics
Bachelor in Territorial Planning
Bachelor in Public Policy
Bachelor in International Relations
Aerospace Engineering
Environmental and Urban Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Energy Engineering
Engineering Management
Information Engineering
Instrumentation, Automation and Robotics Engineering
Materials Engineering

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