Guide for Foreigners Students

Student Visa

Before coming to Brazil, all international academic mobility students and researchers – that will stay for a short period of time – must apply for a student Visa (type VITEM IV) at the nearest Brazilian embassy or consulate in conformity with present Brazilian immigration legislation. To be entitled to a student visa, the student must have the Letter of Acceptance issued by the International Affairs Office at the end of the application process.

Cadastro de Pessoa Física (CPF)

Cadastro de Pessoa Física (CPF) is a Brazilian document that, although having it is not compulsory for foreigners, it is an essential document. The CPF is required for opening a bank account, conducting any other financial operations, sign rental contracts, as well as registry a SIM card. For those who have been awarded a scholarship grant, the CPF is mandatory.

It can be obtained at the nearest Brazilian embassy or consulate in your country after filling out an online form. If it is not possible, CPF can also be obtained in any office of our Receita Federal (Internal Revenue), in Brazil.