Institutional Plan of Internationalization

General Goals of the Plan of Internationalization

Specific Goals

The UFABC Institutional Plan of Internationalization establishes the focus and priorities of the university’s actions concerning the internationalization for the next five years, from 2018 to 2023. By 2023, the main goal is that the internationalization, once widely inserted in the university, disseminated and lived by the academic community, allows UFABC to become an international reference in research, teaching, and outreaching.

The American Council on Education (ACE) has proposed an index to classify the internationalization actions into six dimensions used to systemically assess its universities: strategic vision, curriculum and learning process, organizational structure, support to faculty, student mobility, and collaboration and partnerships. The Plan has been divided into nine specific goals and each of them consists in medium to long-term internationalization strategies that pass by these six dimensions of internationalization. Here are the specific goals:

1. Transform UFABC into an international reference;

2. Increase the number of teaching, research and outreach projects with international collaboration;

3. Amplify the relevance in international scientific production;

4. Qualify internationally professors and staff;

5. Increment international mobility programs;

6. Attract foreigner students, professors, and researchers;

7. Encourage the establishment of double-degree agreements;

8. Internationalize the curriculum;

9. Capacitate the academic community in foreign languages, especially in English, and foreigners in Portuguese language;

Find here the complete Institutional Plan of Internationalization of UFABC (portuguese and english).