Bachelor in Science and Technology


One of UFABC’s two entry-level programs, the curriculum of the Bachelor in Science and Technology is personalized in a way that allows students to exert control over their own academic career, according to their aspirations and calling.

Only a little over 45% of courses are required, and these interact through their interdisciplinary nature, combining more than one dimension in their content. The rest are elective courses that can be chosen from those offered in the bachelor, engineering or teaching programs the student is interested in, and they are not imposed with the need for prerequisites to enroll in said courses.

This model provides students with flexibility in the way they manage their academic careers. They can choose to graduate from the entry-level program alone, in which case over 50% of earned credits come from elective courses; they can choose also to graduate from one or more follow-up programs as do most of our students and they earn a diploma for each completed program, including the Bachelor in Science and Technology.

The structure of the program enables students to lead important discussions and research projects, as well as to propose solutions to the great problems of our age, such as Energy, Information, Health, Environment, Technological ability to model in micro or macro levels, Education and Mobility.


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