Campus Life

The Federal University of ABC offers a vibrant campi life that is culturally, intellectually and socially enriching. On our campus, you will find student organizations, open cultural events, workshops and projects in all fields of study. On campi, students can also explore the facilities and services offered.

University Restaurant

Both campi of UFABC have a University restaurant; for students, including exchanges, the price of each meal is R$ 3,44. Everyday, the menu has vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and the complete week’s menu is available on UFABC’s main page, in the link The restaurants are open from Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner and on Saturdays just lunch time.


As a Federal University of ABC student, you have many options for keeping active. Get moving at facilities on each campus, and through a variety of different recreation and sports teams across the University. Initiatives lead by the students are highly encouraged, and they participated in university leagues annually.

Both campi of UFABC have a total of 6 sports courts, including a multi-sport gym in Santo André; and our students compete in many sports, including soccer, rugby, volleyball, basketball, karate, judo, Muay Thai, gymnastics, table tennis, and more. Recreations as dancing and circus activities are also offered.

University Bus

The university offers a free shuttle service between campi for all students. The service runs on weekdays and Saturdays, during term time. During vacation time, it runs on a special schedule. A fleet of 5 buses operates between both campuses: Campus Santo André to Terminal Leste, Santo André – Prefeito Celso Daniel station (only after 9 p.m); Campus Santo André to Campus São Bernardo (“Linhas 2, 3, 4”). The complete timetables are under “Transporte” on the page


The University provides several events such as workshops, lectures, and talks open to all students. The calendar of events is available in the link Before the beginning of the second quarter, international students may be invited to introduce their home Institution to the UFABC student at the Annual Integration Week.